Monday, April 26, 2010


Dish. That is what I plan to do here. Dish good advice on living gluten free, dish up some lifestyle, dish some insight, and share with you my original and inspired dishes that I come across.

I have been writing all my life. I fell in love with how words can be strung together into inspirational threads, sewing my life together. I suppose I have always wanted to write for a living but have been apprehensive because what I do best is write what is on my mind and it felt too scary to put that out into the open. That's probably why I never successfully kept a diary. Once you write it down, you risk someone reading it. But, I have decided that I am okay with sharing bits and pieces of my life, because I do enjoy reading about other's when I find a relation to mine. I plan on not revealing too much now, but slowly let you in to what I do and who I am.

I love, love, love to cook. Always have. Consequently, I love to eat as well. Great food and is all such a pleasant experience. I found that cooking came easy to me too. I just had to follow the directions and poof! a great meal was born. I learned what spices paired with what by watching many episodes of the food channel and experimenting with recipes I found online. I enjoyed taking someone else's recipe and making it my own. Easy!

Then I started to have stomach problems. Severe pain, exhaustion ( I will spare you the medical details ) and went through a lot of tests. I was told that I was intolerant to gluten. The cure? A gluten free diet. Cooking and eating is a challenge all over again. Cooking agents changed. Going out to restaurants became an anxiety attack. I felt like everything that I read online told me NO, NO, NO, you cannot eat this and that. I was happy to know what was making me sick so I knew what to eat, but eating like I used to was not an option anymore. Mind you, I have always maintained a healthy lifestyle, but no pizza? no more whole wheat sandwiches?

I did a lot of research and read a lot of blogs. I decided that "NO" was NO longer going to be in my cooking vocabulary. There are too many delicious ways to make a meal to worry! So that is what I am going to do. I am going to try to reinvent the way I cook and live. I am going to try to get my hands on every recipe possible and take you along for the trials, errors, and hopefully a lot of "mmmmmmm's".