Monday, August 22, 2011

Gluten Free Brunch, It’s a Big Dilly at Dilly Deli

I adore going to brunch on the weekend. There is something so perfect about the mid morning time, the diverse menu options, and the boisterous banter from the locals all speaking of all the exciting plans or events they look forward to. It’s a “happy meal” without the drive thru.
Dilly Deli has a great breakfast/brunch menu, with options that are kind to the waistline (if you so choose) and kind to gluten free tummies. They have always been very careful and complimentary to my special orders. I usually try to find items which are naturally gluten free, and was delighted to see some specials last Saturday.

After a long and early morning of activity, we eased our way into Dilly Deli, all ready to fuel up for the day. Our table scooted up to one of the large windows overlooking downtown. Natural light poured in as we shimmied our way into the eclectic seating. Menus were passed, and a small sheet of the daily specials was laid upon the blue and white checkered table cloth. Immediately my eyes were drawn to the Stuffed Portobello Mushroom- A very plump Portobello topped with aged white cheddar, 2 sunny side up eggs, and a heaping side of hash browns (7.95). Personally, I am a savory “bruncher” although at Dilly Deli it is hard for me to resist their steel cut oatmeal, also known as the Sophie (3.95). I am happy I ventured out with this order though, as I was very pleased with the robust texture of the mushroom coupled with the fresh run of egg yolk. The shredded hash browns were warm and crisp on the top, and I gleefully dipped them in Tabasco and ketchup. Savory and Spice gets my Saturdays rolling! My husband ordered the Breakfast Sammy, a freshly made biscuit piled high with egg and sausage, and my son had his usually order of waffles and eggs over easy.

The perfect brunch ceremony closed with a couple rounds of bocce ball. My satisfied stomach could now stomach the rest of Saturday’s rush.

Other gluten free breakfast/brunch/lunch items I have tried:

Green Eggs & Ham……$7.50 (not just a favorite childhood read!)

The Heidi Omelet……$7.50 (ask to leave out side of bread)

The Leroy Salad……$9.95 (no croutons)

Vegetable Pesto Soup……$3.95 for bowl (ask to leave out side of bread)

I have also asked for many of their sandwiches served without the bread on greens! There are other gluten free options but these are the ones that I have tried. If you enjoy something else gluten free on their menu, please share!

Dilly Deli
402 East 2nd Street
Tulsa, OK 74120
(918) 938-6382

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