Monday, February 28, 2011

Succotash - A Brunchette Experience in Kansas City

“Your word is succotash.” Succotash. “Can you use that in a sentence please?” Succotash. Okay, I can do that. Simple enough. No pressure. Only if I can spell this I win the spelling bee. I rock under pressure. This IS my moment. I part my lips and boldly begin, “S-U-C-C-A-T-A-S-H”. An immanent pause. The breath is caught in my chest. I can see the judge’s faces fall. “I’m sorry, that is incorrect. Please take your seat.”

I took second place in that year’s spelling bee because of that word, and to this day I will never forget the correct spelling. Why am I telling you this story? Because even though that darn word gave me a rush of humiliation in the past and has made me cringe ever since, I now have a new memory attached to it. When the word succotash is muttered, I am now overwhelmed with the smells of fresh squeezed juices and vegetables, fluffy gluten free blueberry pancakes, lightly whipped goat cheese on top of smoked salmon, eggs, and crispy spinach. Oh and let’s not forget the home fries that I couldn’t shove quickly enough into my mouth.

You may be thinking to yourself, that is most certainly NOT the way you prepare succotash, and well you’re right. It’s better. It’s quite possibly my new favorite destination brunch palace at a destination spot of 4 hours away from me, tucked into the Kansas City Arts District in an almost blink-you-eyes-and-you’ll-miss-it corner location. Try the food at Succotash, and you’ll be missing it in a whole new way.
I had an incredible getaway to KC with three girlfriends last weekend and celebrated the upcoming marriages of two. I sat perplexed at the plethora of places we could potentially dine at for every meal. I like to plan things down to a tee. I woke up Sunday morning and walked down the street from my hotel to LatteLand in the plaza. After ordering a delicious green tea chai latte I decided that no amount of browsing on urban spoon or trip advisor could lead me to a better local brunch decision than just asking the locals themselves. They gave me three restaurants to choose from, and I immediately popped each of them into my phone, diligently dissecting the menus, locations, and comments left by the previous taste testers. After driving to one restaurant (based solely on its location as I had hungry and hung over bachelorettes to attend to) we proceeded to drive 10 minutes further to a shorter wait at the Brunchette restaurant SUCCOTASH.

Nestled in a cozy corner, you immediately feel invited as soon as you set foot in the eclectically decorated space. Various crystal chandeliers hang from the pale pillowed ceiling, a large canvas painting juts from one wall, and metal sparrows adorn the area above the bar. The surrounding foreshadows exactly what they put on your plate-a funky fresh feeling of warmth and satisfaction. The menu boasts an organic arrangement of choices including gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and kid-friendly choices. It was almost dizzying trying to choose what I wanted to order because it all looked so enticing. And you all know my issues with reading the entire menu to its fullest!

Three of us started with their freshly blended juices. My friend Francine about jumped out of her seat when she saw that they offered gluten free pancakes. We ordered a short stack for the table and let me assure you, it was nothing short of the most mouth watering pancakes I have ever tasted. The four of us finished the blueberry bursting cakes in less than three minutes flat. I am pretty sure we may have collected a few astounded/appalled glares. Fran, Sara, & Lisa, thanks for helping me taste test these to die for cakes for the blog...I know it was a lot to ask of you and a very hard task judging the After photo below!

Gluten Free
Blueberry Pancakes
I followed my meal up with the smoked salmon, spinach, two egg and goat cheese wrap. I had it “unwrapped” so it was more like a scramble. It came with perfectly prepared home fries. As I looked around the table I realized that I wasn’t the only one not making conversation as we were all devouring our dishes with such speed you would assume we hadn’t eaten for weeks. We couldn’t stop either! We constantly commented that we were trying desperately to put down our forks but the pull of the scrumptious meal kept us gravitating back to our plates.
3 measly minutes After...
We were stuffed, satisfied, and all in agreement that it was the possibly the best breakfast we had ever had. I look forward to visiting the Kansas City area very soon, and I will most definitely head straight to Succotash!

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