Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No-Nonsense, Tough Love

Sorry if I have been on a bit of hiatus from the blogging. I have been engulfed in a new read that many of you readers have encouraged me to pick up. I read all the time and it doesn't usually grip me in this way, but I wanted to dive in as much as possible before sharing my thoughts.What words have me so enthralled that I have diverted from writing? Skinny Bitch. Now, before you think I should go wash my mouth out with soap, or in my childhood experience vinegar (thanks mum for going easy on me…confession I kind of liked the taste), I want to give you an explanation of this in-your-face “no nonsense tough-love guide”.

Well, let me back up a tad. Remember when I said that my New Years Resolution was to incorporate more veggies into the menu? I know you’ve slept since then and probably can’t recall but that is what I said. In pursuing my goal, it turns out I stopped eating meat all together! Kind of accidentally I suppose. I didn’t have it as my main star of the plate and I was so focused on my goal that I disregarded the ol’ animal flesh all together. I realized this about a month into it. The crazy thing was I didn’t want it anymore. I didn’t crave it. I found things that taste better than meat.

I had tried going vegetarian for a 30 day challenge with my husband before and I am not going to lie, it was an epic fail. I was yo-yoing with my energy levels and I felt deprived. There, that word, DEPRIVED. This time there was no deprivation. If I wanted it, I would eat it. But I haven’t yet. It’s been 2 ½ months now and I haven’t. Milk seems to be seeping away from my diet as well, being replaced by almond milk and soy milk. They taste better and I feel better after I eat/drink it.

The results so far? My energy levels are skyrocketing, my body feels incredible, and I have never run like this in my life! It was all a choice. It’s interesting that since I started eating this way, other things are becoming less appetizing to me as well. Eggs and milk primarily. Cheese and fish are still going strong. Well, cheese maybe not so much as of this week. Weird I know.

Okay, back to the book. Skinny Bitch. Read it. It truly is amazing. And no I am not trying to brainwash you or anything. Maybe just trying to help de-brainwash you. I don’t believe in converting the world into my opinions. But I do believe in educating yourself and knowing what you are putting into your body. Not preaching, just sayin’.

I bought the set of Skinny Bitch & Skinny Bastard for my husband and I to read. Skinny Bastard is the same information that is tailored to the male. C’mon, we don’t always think the same as the opposite sex and you know it. Every night we have been reading and discussing. It’s quite fun!

I digress, and as you well know my blog is essentially about FOOD. So get ready for some new recipes to come! Vegetarian or not, those good little numbers won’t hurt you to incorporate into the diet. I promise. I am still here after all, and in no pain I assure you.

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