Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ole! Ole, Ole, Ole...

I love Mexican food all year round. It’s easy to eat gluten free friendly for one thing, and who can resist those flavors? Lucky for me, there are plenty of awesome restaurants around here to choose from that hit whatever kind of “Mexican food” you are in for. I choose my Mexican restaurant wisely. See here's the thing, when I crave food, I crave very specific food. I don't crave chocolate, I crave a specific dark chocolate from a specific brand. Usually something out of my reach. Yes, I know, I must be awesome to live with when one of these cravings hit. So when I crave 'mexican food', a burrito from Bueno won’t satisfy this Indie. When you have plenty to choose from, you get to be a little picky even when you have food allergies or food specifications.

Spring in Tulsa brought some warm weather earlier on this year. I am certainly not complaining! When the mexi-bug hits me this time of year, I am not headed for the loaded down enchilada by the cozy fireplace. I want an outdoor patio, a fresh squeezed lime margarita, smooth salsa and corn chips, and a heaping bowl of guacamole. To start with. And I know exactly where I’ll head. Café Ole on Brookside.

Café Ole has been a restaurant staple for me for years. It opened it's doors in 1987 and has since been serving up sassy southwestern style cuisine to the locals. Tucked into the heart of brookside, this charming establishment is a breath of fresh air. I love sitting on their outdoor patio, listening to the occasional live music, and feeling the spring air wisp around me as I sip the best margarita in town. Yes, it’s my favorite. My husband loves a margarita, but I love a perfect margarita. No mix for his gal. I want the real deal. Like I said, when you can picky and get the best, why wouldn’t you? This margarita doesn't need a fancy schmancy margarita glass masking the real deal with a ring with colored salt facade around the rim. Nope. This lime monster looks innocent in it's plain jane appearence and delivers the best tasting experience. You may not want to drink more than two though warn. If you do though, please share below ;)
We started our meal with their house made guacamole and complimentary chips and salsa. Oh, I could eat that peppery salsa all day. After a couple margs we decided it was best to order. I usually go for the Spinach Enchiladas anyway, but this visit was unique. I wanted to see if this dish was chalked up to vegan standards as well. Would my enchilada bring the heat without the ooey gooey melty cheese?

Si amigos. It delivered and as always the staff was overly accommodating. I used to get so embarrassed asking the waiter to prepare things differently. Here, it’s never a problem. My husband and I split the order and they brought it out on separate plates for us. Absolutely wonderfully prepared as always. The corn tortilla was thickly stuffed with fresh spinach and topped with sliced, crunchy green onions and juicy tomatoes.Their black beans are always cooked just before mushing point, and accompagnied by fluffy rice and plump corn. I topped it all off with some of our guac and as always it was flawlessly filling and simply satisfying.

If you haven’t tried this local spot, head there now! It's great for date night, friends, or with the kiddos. Kid tested by this mommy so I speak with confidence when I say it's okay to cart them along.When the weather is brisk the patio glows with their outdoor fireplace. Otherwise, wait until the sun peaks and head and enjoy some wonderful southwestern cuisine on the shaded breezy patio. You won’t be disappointed.

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