Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Betty Crocker Baker’s Challenge Gluten Free Recipe Contest

As my first gluten free contest is winding down I am excited to announce that I already have another lined up! I received an email last week about entering The Betty Crocker Baker’s Challenge Gluten Free Recipe Contest.

Woo. That is a mouthful. And I hope I will be serving you dear readers up a delicious gluten free mouthful of holiday goodness here soon. I have been brainstorming and a few goodies have popped in my noggin over the weekend. I am back to the lab (well um, my in-laws kitchen) and will share my recipe closer to entry! Time to expand that dessert or bread category on my recipe page…

So…Hold the gluten, grab your aprons, and start your ovens! The Betty Crocker Baker’s Challenge Gluten Free Recipe Contest, Betty Crocker’s first ever gluten free recipe contest, is now open for entries!

From now through June 30, 2011, gluten free bakers can enter online at:


For the chance to win the grand prize of $5,000. Using any Betty Crocker Gluten Free dessert mix or Bisquick Gluten Free, entrants will be challenged to create an original gluten free holiday-themed appetizer, bread, or dessert recipe, and will be judged on five key categories including:

• Taste
• Creativity
• Ease of preparation
• Consumer appeal
• Appearance

Tell one, tell all about this contest and opportunity, and I’ll tell you my recipe once refined and submitted. I am excited to take on another challenge with a new gluten free product. Oh oven please don't fail me now...the challenge is on!

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