Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pavlov's Pork Chops

My slow cooker now has the Pavlov’s dog effect on me…the drool begins as soon as I pull into the drive. I have come to accept it, although you might be alarmed if you were riding passenger.

Today’s crockpot recipe has been a weekly request from my kiddo. I mentioned to him last night that I wrote about him in my blog yesterday and he was tickled pink. Although if he knew I used that expression to describe him he would most certainly be appalled as my 100% “boy” would want no correlation to the color pink. So, I guess I’ll say he was tickled red (his favorite color). My red cheeked child even offered to let me take a picture of his plate wiped clean but I decided leftover pork bits and seven year old’s saliva smeared on a plate wouldn’t exactly spark an appetite in my readers. I am sure you agree.

Now on to the recipe, as that is the reason why you are putting up with my drool stories right?

I used to shake and bake my chops every week in college, not really knowing how else to cook them. I was also terrified that I could somehow undercook them and get sick (see minute steak story a few posts ago). However my fear was slowly cooked away in my slow cooker all day. The meat literal fell off the bones, and I had to scoop them onto our plates, ladling the luscious veggies adjacent.

To the kitchen! Chop Chop!!

Slow Cooker Chops with Red Potatoes and Baby Carrots
This was inspired by a recipe given to my husband at work. You can’t pass up a recipe that contains the words simple, few ingredients, and scrumptious all within the first few lines now can you? The great part about it is you can swap or subtract the veggies to your own taste! Although I myself am a sucker for potatoes.


• 4 bone in center pork loin chops
• 6-8 Red new potatoes, sliced half inch thick
• 1-2 cups baby carrots
• 1 package zesty Italian dry mix
• Ground pepper
• Kosher salt
• Tbs olive oil
• Water


Place veggies in the crock pot and toss with oil, then add salt and pepper to your liking. I used probably a tablespoon of each. Add about an inch of water (creates a brothy sauce).Layer chops on top with as little overlap possible. Sprinkle packet of zesty Italian over the top and secure the lid. Cook on high for 5 hours, then low for close to an hour. Serve!

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