Monday, August 13, 2012

Honey Lavender Almond Butter

Bless my husband who deals with my erratic cravings. I am worse than a pregnant woman when I crave something. Seriously. Steer clear when I am with child because it might get ugly. There will be tears and tantrums in my future, and not from the kiddo. I will admit it friends.

My recent craving is almond butter, and loads of it. I stand sheepishly shoving spoonfuls of the goop hurriedly in my mouth while my husband looks like I have lost it. And maybe I have. But I’m taking the jar of almond butter with me. Just you try and pry it from my hands.

Have you ever noticed how pricey store bought almond butter can be though? I feel like I could dip into my son’s college funds just trying to cover the cost. Justin’s almond butter is so sinfully delicious but I cannot justify seven dollars a pop once a week. And with my craving not sated and going on three weeks I decided to take action. I rolled up my sleeps (spotted with bits of creamy dots from digging the last drop out of the Justin jar) and preheated my oven.

Honey Lavender Almond Butter
I cannot believe how simple it was to make almond butter! The lavender brings a clean earthy taste to the butter, and the honey a smooth sweetness. I roasted my almonds before but you can use them raw.

• 2 cups raw almonds
• ¼ cup honey or agave
• Dash of vanilla extract
• 1 pinch lavender

Roast the almonds at 350 F for 8-10 minutes. When you begin to smell them, they are ready.

Put the almonds in your food processor and blend for 15 minutes. You will have to stop and scrape down the sides occasionally. The almond will form into a dough ball than smooth out into creamy heaven. Blend less for chunkier almond butter and more for creamier.

Add in vanilla and lavender. Pulse to combine. Pour into a container and stir in honey or agave.

Enjoy!! I am keeping mine in a mason jar in the fridge. Top your fruit or you can do what I do and eat it right out of the jar. This method repels husbands quite well.

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