Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Journey to a New Aisle

Now that I have been emersed into a gluten-free lifestyle, Whole Foods has become my life line. I travelled down their gluten free isle and was put at ease knowing that I could pluck something off the shelf and pop it into my mouth without combing through ingrediant lists and having an anxiety attack. I still checked out all the labels just to be sure, but found many snacks, cereals, bread mixes, and desserts (c'mon cannot live without a good cookie!) that to be honest, tasted better than most of the things I was eating before.

I eat a lot of fruits and veggies for snacks but I also crave salt. I used to be able to take down a bag of goldfish single handedly. Naturally, I wanted something that I could put in a baggie in my purse to take with me sometimes that did not require prep. You know you have an open mind when your new favorite stack is named "sticks and twigs". Mary's Gone Crackers sea salt "Sticks and Twigs" are absolutely delicious and so healthy for you! All organic and gluten free. My first snacking on the go epiphany.

Gluten free or not, you should try them! My husband and I can barely keep them in the pantry for longer than a few days.

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