Thursday, May 27, 2010

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore"

I love a good slice of pizza like the next. So, when I was diagnosed and was combing through the lists of all the things that I could not eat, my heart inevitably fell when I saw pastas and pizza. That is, the pasta and pizza that I was eating before. Just like all the other gluten gorged groceries out there, there is always a substitute. Glass of red wine half full on this celiac’s Sunday night.

We all like to kick up our heels and just enjoy a good pie once in a while. I have made my own pizza crusts in my flour flecked past and enjoyed many make your own pizza nights with friends. I was determined to make this night no different than the next. Easy, simple meal, that would be in our tummies in no time.

I picked up a box of gluten free pizza dough mix, Annie's organic tomato and basil red sauce, and some toppings and headed over to the produce section to see what my husband would choose for his Italian masterpiece. I must admit I already knew that a margarita pizza was in store but I pretended to be surprised when I saw him holding the roma tomatoes and fresh pulled mozzarella. Of course, he too likes to raid the backyard basil at every chance. He looked down at my basket full of parmesan and organic genoa salami and I am sure was just as surprised at my choices. But then his eyes focused in on the pizza dough mix. He perused the directions and as soon as his gaze fell on the “let rise for 30 minutes, bake for 30 minutes…” I knew this would not cut it for our ‘no hassle’ cooking night.

I convinced him that I would do all the work and we headed down to the freezer section so I could pick up some bread for the week. Behold, tucked into the frozen section of whole foods was a readymade gluten free pizza crust. Winner winner chicken dinner. Or pizza dinner in our case.

The crust was thick, delicious, and baked perfectly in the oven. I layered slice upon slice of fresh salami, parmesan, and oregano on my pie, and my husband made a delicious margarita pizza with our fresh basil. We enjoyed good red wine, and a lazy Sunday. That my friends, is amore.

Since we are on the subject of pizza, I must bring up another easy way to get your fix. Joe Momma’s pizzeria in downtown Tulsa also makes gluten free pizza crust. For those of you who enjoy a thinner crust pizza, this is your pie. You can ask for any of the specialty pizzas to be made on the 10 inch crust, and it is absolutely delicious. We enjoyed a “California love” pizza with chicken the other night. Go check it out!

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