Monday, April 30, 2012

Farmer's Market Fixation

I adore going to the Farmer’s Market. I eagerly await Saturday morning every week when I can jump out the covers, grab my basket and thermos brimming with local coffee, and briskly bounce a mile or so to Cherry Street. I let the whole market envelope me with its smells, early morning smiles, cute children groggy with bed head (my son and husband are included in this bunch), and the sweet smells from strawberries and sun kissed flowers.

I am daydreaming drearily as I write this post dear readers because alas it is but Monday and I have days ahead before I can indulge in my farmer’s market fixation again. Maybe the few photos from Saturday will sate me until then, and to sate you…how about carrot juice? I couldn’t think of a better and clean way to use up a bunch of carrots! I had a little glass myself yesterday and am craving another! I know my basket will be piled with a few bunches this weekend and definitely some more strawberries which didn't last longer than 2 days between the three of us.

Now if that juice and these pictures don't satisfy you, I beg for a day or two to refine a devilish delight I have been toying with in my kitchen. I won’t disappoint my friends!

à bientôt.

Breathtaking Flowers!

Luna Bread's enticing options on Saturday! Loved seeing more gluten free on the street!


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