Friday, September 30, 2011


Today I am here to talk about staples (the ones in your pantry not in your office) because you never know when a gluten free gal pal will drop by for an unexpected happy hour, or when that long day of work leads you to a glass of wine or two. I always try and be prepared to entertain last second, so today I share with you a few staples that I keep in my pantry and fridge. You can impress in pressing time with the following:

  Sharp Cheddar
  Marble Jack

Hummus with Raw Veggies
   I like making my own hummus but store bought tastes great too!
  Carrots, celery, or brown rice tortillas to dip
  Pretzels (try Glutino’s)

Chips and Salsa
  Corn chips (read labels!)
  Any brand of salsa or make your own

Fruit (all fruit is GF but these I think look great on a plate for happy hour!)
  Raspberries (place chocolate chips in their center for an elegant and tasty version!)

  Dark chocolate or milk chocolate squares are great!

Gluten Free Crackers
  Marys Gone Crackers
  Nut Thins (I love the hint of sea salt flavor!)

Throw any of these together on a plate and you are good to go!

Some great gluten free brands:

o Udi’s
o Rudi’s
o Glutino
o Marys Gone Crackers
o Nut Thins
o Tinkanyada
o Enjoy Life
o Gluten Free Pantry
o Erewhon

My Current Favorite Gluten Free Beers:

o Redbridge
o Greens
o Bards

Wine is gluten free. Check out these vegan wines:

o Charles Shaw
o Frey Vineyards
o Four Chimneys Organic wines
o Hip Chicks Do Wine
o Mountain Cove
o Orleans Hill Winery
o Red Truck
o Yellowtail

Happy Friday to you readers! Enjoy your weekend!

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