Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lunch in the Gluten Free Cosmos

The gluten free stars have aligned in the Cosmos. Well, they have aligned at Cosmo's…on Brookside! I arrived late as usual fashionably late to meet my girlfriend Abby a couple days ago and was pleasantly surprised to see a gluten free menu waiting for me. Yes, you read that right. Not a gluten option list, or a gluten free teeny tiny section hidden under the scrumptious sounding, flaky breaded, gooey dough dishes, but an entire gluten free menu. Out. Of. This. World.

The only thing difficult about dining here gluten free was deciding what to order! After much deliberation I finally decided on the Vegetarian Sandwich: Avocado, garlic-dill cream cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, alfalfa, tomatoes, cucumbers & honey balsamic dressing piled high on a toasted gluten free bagel. ($9.49) The combination of smooth and crunchy textures burst through the flavors of the fresh cheeses. All sandwiches come with a side and I myself can never refuse chips and salsa if it is offered.

I had to catch myself a few times during my midday feast realizing that I was not contributing much to the conversation. I think I was overwhelmed with joy that I was enjoying a sandwich at lunch without a lot of diatribe allergy hoopla I usually have to go through with my waiter.

The service was fast and friendly, just what I look for in a work lunch. One hour can hardly be truly enjoyed if you are worried that your food may not make to the table with ample time to eat. The atmosphere was bubbly, and boasts artistic and local vibes.
A great meal awaits you anytime at Cosmo, and I think I may have to return for happy hour and see if the its name holds true to that long listed menu of cocktails…Gluten free appetizers anyone?

To view the entire gluten free menu click the link below:
Cosmo Cafe Gluten Free Menu

Cosmo Cafe
3334 South Peoria Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74133-2061
(918) 933-4848

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